Modern Hunting Rifle


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Christensen Arms sets a new standard for modularity and versatility with the Modern Hunting Rifle. Utilizing the most advanced manufacturing techniques and materials available, the MHR is outfitted with an aluminum mini chassis with V-block bedding, as well as the renowned Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrel design. Virtually every component is customizable, giving the MHR the accuracy of a chassis rifle and the ergonomics of a hunting rifle – all with complete modularity. These interchangeable components include (4) stocks: the “Hunter Series”, the “Precision Series”, the “Backcountry Series”, and the “Tactical Series”, and (3) fore-ends: the Hunter Series”, the “Precision Series”, and the “Tactical Series”. Other modular components include (4) grip options: the “Sporter Grip” (available in S/M & L/XL) and the “Tactical grip” (available in S/M & L/XL). The Modern Hunting Rifle can also be configured to accept detachable box magazines or utilize a hinged floor plate, and different butt pad options are available as well. The vast selection of options provides up to 192 configurations, allowing the user to use to same rifle for different applications. For example, the MHR can be outfitted with the heavier “Tactical” or “Precision” stocks/fore-ends for use in PRS competitions, but then be equipped with lightweight “Hunter” or “Backcountry” stocks/fore-ends for a hunt in the mountains.

All of the modular parts are manufactured using Christensen Arms’ exclusive Flash Forged Technology. This advanced construction process eliminates waste, reduces weight, and allows more complicated shapes to be made. In addition, the Modern Hunting Rifle ships with the “Precision Series” stock, “Hunter Series” fore-end, and “Sporter Series” grip.

Features of the Modern Hunting Rifle:

  • Built on aluminum mini-chassis w/ V-block bedding
  • Modular design: Interchangeable stocks (4 options), fore-ends (3 options), grips (4 options) , magazine options (2 options), trigger guards (2 options), & butt pads
  • Up to 192 ways to configure rifle
  • Flashed Forged Technology: Eliminates waste, reduces weight, and allows more complicated shapes to be made
  • Ships with the “Precision Series” stock, “Hunter Series” fore-end, and “Sporter Series” grip

Note: Interchangeable parts sold separately


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