CDX R7 LCP 6 Creedmoor (Black)


CDX-R7 LCP Series includes all features required by the most demanding PRS competitive shooters. Its folding stock mechanism is a charm when it comes to cleaning and transport. The lightning-fast R7 action with its 4 lugs 50° bolt throw is a must to save time on PRS-style stages. Based on a Rem 700 footprint and combined with a medium contour Bartlein Single Point Cut match grade fluted barrel for optimum performance. Compatible with M-LOK accessories.
Kaliber:6 Creedmoor
Løpslengde/type: 66 cm Cadex Barrel
Riflestigning:1:7 1/2
Gjengedim:5/8″-24 TPI MX1 muzzle brake
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