Saiga MK 105


Produkt beskrivelse:

The Saiga-MK v.30 semi-automatic carbine chambered in 5.45×39, based on the AK-74M rifle, is nearly fully compatible with its predecessor.
Reliable gas piston mechanism
Chrome-lined bore and chamber
Removable high-performance muzzle brake
Foldable buttstock, prevents shooting when folded (!)
Buttstock, handguard, and pistol grip made from shatterproof plastic
Handguard with Picatinny rails on the bottom and sides
Ergonomic index finger-operable safety
Iron sights with markings up to 1,000m, identical to the AK predecessor
Side rail for installing scopes and red-dot sights
Guide rail in the receiver to help feed any type of ammo
Comes with a robust 10-round full-length magazine
Can be used with extended-capacity magazines for shooting competitions
Cleaning kit and rod included

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Saiga MK 105