HK SP5L 9mm with fixed buttstock


SP5L-den legendariske MP5 i sivil utgave!

The special feature of the SP5 is its roller-delayed blowback. This elaborate bolt group principle is unique. It ensures a soft recoil and thus for a high precision behaviour that is not comparable with any other weapon in this category. This is one of the reasons why the MP5, the military/law enforcement version of the SP5, is an integral part of almost all western defence and police units. Over decades, the weapon has proven to be extremely robust.

Technical data

Calibre 9 mm x 19
Operating principle Recoil-operated
Bolt system Roller-delayed blowback
Magazine capacity 10/15/30 cartridges
Cartridge case ejection Right
Mode of fire Single fire
Trigger pull 30 – 45 N
Length 874 mm
Width 63 mm
Height 220 mm
Sight radius 330 mm
Barrel length 421 mm

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HK SP5L 9mm with fixed buttstock

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