Falcon Bipod AES w/ QD Picatinny Mount


The Cadex Falcon Bipod has been designed to provide the ultimate stability. It features multiple take down feet attachments such as claws or standard feet that adapt to any terrains. Can be installed on any Cadex rifles or chassis, or any rifles featuring a bipod rail.

Designed to withstand all chassis and rifles with standard picatinny rail.
Fast deployment legs without buttons to push.
Ultra tight machining tolerances for maximum stiffness and reduced free play.
Reversible legs for choice of index or thumb push button operation.
Easy to operate canting lever. Tilt angle + – 15.5˚.
Folds/deploy forward, rearward 45˚ or standard 90˚.
Height adjustable from 6.28” to 7.90”.
Incredibly stable (width from 11.4” to 13.27”).
Standard feet, optional claw, spike and ski feet.

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