CDX-R7 CRBN LA Rifle, 300 RUM 26″


The CDX-R7 CRBN rifle is designed with backcountry hunters in mind. Unlike other manufacturers out there aiming at the absolute lightest materials available, Cadex oriented this rifle towards a perfect balance between weight reduction and no compromise on stability. We equipped the CDX-R7 CRBN model with the best carbon fiber barrel on the market: Bartlein®.
If you are looking for a reliable hunting rifle of a superior craftsmanship, fit and finish than what is offered by mass-production gun makers, the CDX-R7 CRBN is what you’ve been searching for.


Kaliber: 300 RUM

Løpslengde/TYPE: 66 cm Bartlein Carbon Fiber Barrel

Riflestigning: 1:8

Medflg magasin: 1x 5 Rd

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