CDX-40 SHDW Precision Rifle 375 Chey-Tac (single shot)36″


The CDX-40 SHDW is the Cadex Precision Rifle chambered in either 375 EnABELR or 375/408 CT. These ultimate calibers were designed for extreme range shooting and anti-materiel up to 4000 yards with proper training and shooting conditions. Push your limits even further with the CDX-40 SHDW. Renowned by the ELR community as the best extreme range platform on the market.


Kaliber: 375 Chey-Tac

Løpslengde/type: 91,44 cm Bartlein Barrel

Riflestigning: 1:7

Gjengedim: 7/8″-24 TPI mx1 muzzle brake

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