Breacher AR-15 Flip-Up Sight Set FDE


The Breacher AR-15 Flip-Up Sight Set offers a heightened sight profile, allowing for a more natural shooting position and resulting in enhanced visibility and target acquisition. This feature is particularly advantageous in CQB situations, where quick target engagement is crucial.
The set is designed to provide backup sighting in the event that a primary optic fails. The streamlined contours of the set ensure that there is nothing to snag on.

The set is lightweight and durable, and the flip-up design is enhanced with precision machined metal parts and heavy-duty springs. The set includes both front and rear sights.

The Breacher AR-15 Flip-Up Sight Set is designed to be compatible with all standard Picatinny rails, making them easy to install and use.

A unique feature is that even when folded, it can function as a backup sight thanks to an integrated secondary sighting system

Farge: FDE
Make: AR-15
Style: Adjustable
Leveringsvekt: 0,3kg
Høyde: 20mm
Bredde: 20mm
Lengde: 60mm

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Breacher AR-15 Flip-Up Sight Set FDE

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