Desert Eagle 50AE MKXIX L6 IMB 6″ 7RD


The New Lightweight Magnum
Magnum Research, the world-renowned manufacturer of high-performancefirearms, is proud to introduce the new L6 Desert Eagle with integral Muzzle Brake in a durableall black finish. This new series of mighty Desert Eagle pistols incorporates the weightsavings ofthe alloy L6 frame, with the integral muzzle brake upper that is very popular with shooters.Models will be available in all four magnum calibers, .50 AE, .44, .429DE, and .357. The DesertEagle features a 6″ barrel and integral muzzle brake,which help to reduce recoil. It measures10.75″ in overall length, and weighs approximately 10 oz. less than steel framed models. Eachgun comes standard with combat sights, dust cover accessory rail, black wrap around fingergroove rubber grips, a picatinny optics rail, and one magazine. The construction of the Mark XIXDesert Eagle utilizes the latest CNC machine technology, providing exacting specifications andtight tolerances. The result is a work of art in a precision firearm.

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