Breacher Vertical Grip Picatinny FDE


The Breacher Vertical Grip Picatinny offers additional features for added convenience. Its extremely durable construction, utilizing fiberglass reinforced polyamide, guarantees its reliability even in the most demanding environments. The grip’s rubberized soft-touch over-molded surface provides a superior grip, ensuring a firm hold even in adverse conditions.
One of the standout features of the Breacher Vertical Grip Picatinny is its waterproof compartment. This compartment provides a secure storage space for small essentials, such as spare batteries or emergency tools, keeping them protected and easily accessible when needed.

One of the key advantages of this vertical grip is its ergonomic design. By orienting the grip vertically, it promotes a more natural and comfortable shooting stance. This ergonomic advantage not only improves accuracy but also reduces fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

Attachment: Picatinny
Farge: FDE
Make: AR-15
Material: Polymer
Leveringsvekt: 0,8kg
Høyde: 130mm
Bredde: 50mm
Lengde: 80mm

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