Breacher Adjustable AR-15 Mil-Spec Stock FDE


One size doesn’t fit all, and that’s where the adjustable feature of the Breacher stock shines. It allows you to customize the length of pull, enabling you to find the perfect fit for your body type and shooting style.
Optimized for use with plate carriers, the Breacher Adjustable AR-15 Mil-Spec Stock prioritizes your shooting experience, even when wearing body armor. The angled rubber butt-pad and dual-side release latches are specifically designed to facilitate efficient shoulder transitions and provide a secure and stable shooting platform.

Featuring QD sling mounts on the lower site, the Breacher Adjustable AR-15 Mil-Spec Stock offers enhanced versatility and convenience. Attach your sling with ease, allowing for quick and effortless transitions between carrying and shooting positions.

The Scout AR-15 Adjustable Mil-Spec Stock is equipped with a cheek riser for added comfort and improved shooting ergonomics.

addition to its ergonomic and adjustable design, this stock boasts a low weight and slim form factor. Its lightweight construction ensures that your rifle remains agile and maneuverable, while the slim profile reduces unnecessary bulk.

Farge: FDE
Make: AR-15
Material: Polymer
Style: Mil-Spec
Leveringsvekt: 0,7kg
Høyde: 130mm
Bredde: 53mm
Lengde: 200mm

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Breacher Adjustable AR-15 Mil-Spec Stock FDE

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