The RIA CAL .357 magnum revolvers’ design is molded to fit the requirements of citizens who take their personal defense seriously. The design of the cartridge cylinder mounted in the tilting console plus the shock transition control from the console all the way to the frame will maintain the firearm’s minimum limits as much as possible. The cylinder rotation design also enables the cylinder to turn by the exact spacing distance, ensuring a safely adjusted barrel. Shooters are then guaranteed safety even if the cartridge is off the barrel, or if the cylinder are braked with impurities. The combination of a high output 357 magnum cartridge and the revolver makes up a reliable arms system, ready for any crisis situations. It showcases a sleek, blued frame finish with a drop safety that guarantees a high level of safety when carried under any condition. The accuracy and power of the two-inch version will be a challenge for hunters using short guns. This revolver is an ideal choice for sport shooters.